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Italian Verona has been on such a list for Rome and Juliet. While it is actually about fictional figures, their story has the magic of tourists and attracts many tourists to Verona.

House of Capulet

The top monument of Verona is undoubtedly a famous balcony at the house of Capulet, where the famous scene from Rome and Juliet took place. The truth is that even though the story was based in Verona, the drama was not really there. Even a house with a legendary balcony was built after the publication of this romantic tragedy. As the home's best fitting the book's description of the building, they created a special museum to remind one of the most famous works of the English writer.

Verona Amphitheater

The oldest monument is the old amphitheater built in the 1st century. Especially in Italy, we find several similar buildings that refer to the original Roman culture. Verona's building is rare in that it has been preserved in a very good condition. Even today, it serves to organize large cultural events and at the same time it can meet 15,000 people. The best-known event is the opera festival, which takes place during the summer months.

Castelvecchio Fortress and Scaligero Bridge

During the reign of the Scaliger family, several important sights were built in Verona. The first is the fortress Castelvecchio, which was built in the 14th century. In the past it served as an important defensive building of the city. Nowadays, there is a museum of art where you can see, for example, the works of Rubens or Guardi. The fortress is also the Scaligero Bridge, which passes over the Adige River and forms three dominant arcs. During its history, it has been reconstructed several times. Last adjustments were made during the previous century.

Lamberti tower

The highest building of the city is the Lamberti tower. You can find it in the historical center and it is also open to the public today. You can get to the viewing platform either by lift, or if you want to check the condenser, you can walk on 238 stairs. Interestingly, although it is a fairly simple construction, its construction lasted almost three centuries. Shortly after it was completed, the lightning struck and the tower had to be reconstructed. On that occasion, she raised it a few meters further.

Piazza delle Erbe

The main square of Verona is Piazza delle Erbe. It has a typical atmosphere of Italian medieval towns. You should not miss another three dominions in addition to the Lamberti tower. The first is a fountain with Madonna Verona, which is made of marble. There is also the historic town hall and the magnificent Mazzanti House, which has rich fresco decorations. Squares of mostly local goods are regularly held in the square. In this way, they wished to commemorate the tradition of the city, as this place was from the beginning just to the merchants.

Lake Garda

The atmosphere of this place is so charming that you will be more prominent than any holiday on the beach. Unique is made especially by nature's contrast in the northern part, which surrounds the steep, up to 2000 meters high mountain range. The blue color of water has a much more intense shade due to natural conditions, and the air is acidified by mountains and overgrown with water from the lake. Its coastline is literally laid out by history, unusual appetizers and many tourist attractions. Walking around the lake, you can experience natural scenery and spectacular villas, where even the most romantic dreams are fading.