25 January, 2018 / By miroslav / 716 views

Poland is a beautiful country in Central Europe and I decided to visit this country. My first steps led me to the ski resort - Krynica. Krynica is a such beatufil place. Krynica-Zdrój is a Polish spa town situated in Malopolska province close to the Slovak border. I mentioned Slovak border because I am from Slovakia. I was surprised there was so many hotels, beatufil nature and a lot of people who love tourism and relax.

I visited this area together with the cousin. My original intention was skiing, but eventually I decided to explore the local forests. The atmosphere and clean air got me right now. It's a great place to relax.

So I chose the local forest. As soon as we arrived, just opposite the ski center were boards to navigate you to get to the desired location. That is a great advantage. After 15 minutes I got deeper into the woods and I looked at the ski resort. The view was great. I enjoyed it. It's nothing better than the beauty of Mother Nature. It is really nice to see that this place is not only a place for spa or skiing, but also it is a place to visiting local forests that retain their specific character. Always the same green and clean air. This is why it is worthwhile to visit this beautiful place.

Not shopping centers, but nature will give us the necessary dose of positive energy and bring us a new look to life, and thanks to this, man will also come up with new, innovative ideas.

During the Renaissance nature was similar to a living being that had body, soul, reason. The divinization went into pantheism, the identification of nature with God. Do not you get it?

The goal of life the human being has become a manager, a user and a nature supporter. Why do we do the opposite nowadays?